Malaria Avoidance provides a comprehensive service to protect travellers against Malaria. Not only are we able to dispense anti-malarial medication directly from our in-house pharmacy but we can also provide travellers the full range of anti-bite measures from mosquito nets to insect repellents.

There are various types of malaria-preventing medications available and our staff will be able to dispense you with a regime tailored to your individual needs taking into accout your pre-existing medical conditions, age, pregnancy and the region that you are going to visit.

Listed below are the different types of malaria-preventing medications we are able to dispense:

We are also able to provide the following anti mosquito-bite measures:

  • Various sizes of insect repellent mosquito nets.
  • A full range of insect repellent skin lotions and sprays.
  • Insect repellent clothing treatments.
  • Electronic mosquito killers for indoor use and mosquito coils for outdoor use.
  • Insect bite treatments.

Click here for an information leaflet on malaria prevention.